You have toiled long and hard under the city since coming here 6 years ago. Deadly skirmishes with other undercity dwellers have taken their toll amongst your brethren. You have spent your time expanding and protecting the temple from it’s modest beginnings and aiding the High Priest during ceremonies. But now the temple is stable and alliances have been secured. Only the strong remain to serve the god of Death.

Otar, your teacher and High Priest of this temple, pulls you all aside and tells you that you are now ready to help Nerull and the temple expand their hold on the city. He commands you to perform up to your potential and take the lead for the greater glory of Nerull. But first you must compete for the right to lead…

Assumptions & Guidelines

PC’s start with a main character who is a “Controller” of 6th level
with no access to Prestige Classes (unless you really need it and want
to role-play access – Master Specialist comes to mind as a 4th level
jump). The Controller or Main could be some sort of magic user/cleric
with a necromantic bent, but this is not written in stone. What is
important is that the Main character is driven to serve a god and
wants more power for themselves. Good alternates to a cleric or
magic-user might be Monks, Druids or Paladins. Main characters should
serve Nerull (or at least proclaim they worship him) and are
acolytes/servants of a powerful Wizard/Cleric of Nerull. Your Main
character has followed this leader to a good aligned capital of a
kingdom. You have toiled for 6 years to create an underground temple
to Nerull and are now ready for bigger things.

This Necromancer, being their patron, would ask the PC’s to go on
missions to further Nerull’s greatness and/or his plans. One chosen PC
will lead each adventure. The PC would be selected based on abilities
as well as their success or failure in previous missions. The outcome
of these missions would be roughly evaluated in an Apprentice style
after action review. Completely fouled missions will not be tolerated.
(Pity the poor PC who fails miserably. Patron: “You served me in life
and now forever in undeath!” Suzzap!). Once a PC’s Main is killed they
will be penalized with a -2 level starting point for the new Main or
they can opt to promote a Flunky (see below).

Each PC also has one or two 4th level associates who could be of any
character class (Barbarians, Paladins, Rangers, Fighters, Bards,
Monks, Rouges, Druids, Ninja, Knights, Spellthieves, Scouts,
Swashbucklers, Hexblades, Dragon Shamans, Spirit Shamans, Warmages,
Duskblades). Again there is no access to Prestige Classes (although
finding the Thieve’s Guild or finding training for Assassin will be
easy). Additionally no Oriental Adventurers classes (Wu Jen, Samurai,
Shugenja, Sohei). There ought to be a big enough pool of flunkies
that the mission requirements can at least be met in theory. I will
also run a flunky as well to help flesh out a team if the need
arrises. I anticipate a multi-threaded format for adventuring (a la
“Meanwhile back at the ranch…”) to address the other PC’s left

Rewards are in the form of access to other parts of the temple and
training to achieve whatever arcs the PC has in mind for the
controller. Magic items are going to be tightly controlled, and will
often have quirks and other additional/conditional abilities. The
Necromancer patron will disperse all items. Keeping
items/money/information from him will probably result in death (should
he find out).

Players ought not get too overly attached to their characters. Evil does
not suffer failure, treachery, lying or other transgressions lightly.
Evil characters usually don’t think too much about saving others
especially in lieu of something to gain or their own
hide. Hopefully the fun here is that we all get to try on several
different black hats. PC death will occur — I will not be pulling
many punches. You, as evil characters, are free to machinate against
one another if you so desire. Expect death to come much quicker and
without any real disruption in the narrative.

Semper Interitus

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