Semper Interitus

Gruumsh's Chasm

Borogk was a charismatic priest who lead several tribes of the Sword Mountains into worship of Kyuss (pronouced Kai-uhs) during the post Uruth Ukrypt and other united hordes period, circa DR 1030. In that period of tribal conflict, his leadership was welcomed by many tribes. However, over time his support of a bizarre demi-god of undead alienated the established priesthoods of Gruumsh and other orc gods. During his leadership any orc who died was bound in service as undead which formed his core army and elite guard. Many an orc followed him only out of fear and hopelessness.
Other tribes in the area grew concerned and eventually united and battled against Borogk and his undead army. For the most part Borogk and his undead minions could hold off the enemy tribes and the newly dead were pressed into service as more undead.
In his captial the temple to Gruumsh was descrated and made into a temple of Kyuss. This angered Gruumsh very much. At the height of his power, he held a ceremony on a high unholy day of Kyuss for all the living members of his tribe. All of the living were slain and made to rise again as undead. For Gruumsh this was the last act he could stand. He made an avatar appear at that very night at the end of this horrific ceremony. Borogk was slain and all the undead orcs were destroyed. The avatar then destroyed the entire village and drove its spear into his former temple with so much force the entire temple fell in on its self and tumbled into the great hole struck by the spear. Borogk’s reign was over and no orc tribe ever settled the area of the village again.

Otar has been able to study the tome the party brought back from the Holk House and thinks that a terrible cyst may have been created on the spot of Borogk’s downfall. He commands that you journey to the Sword Mountains to the abandoned homeland of Borogk in search of this terrible cyst.

Thar Be Rats Here

While you were minding your own business back at the temple, the wall crumbles before you. From the dust emerges several rat forms being chased by a larger rat. The battle is joined by several of your temple. After defeating the rats Otar commands that you find the source of the rats and destroy them all.

Descent to the Rats
You begin by following the tunnel back and hopefully to its source.

Unholy McGuffin

After proving yourselves as viable operatives, Otar has selected you to lead a mission to find some information on something called a terrible cyst.

Many years ago the existence of terrible cysts were documented in a tome by Paliponom the Sage called “Atlas & Unnatural Phenomenon of the Abyss”. Besides some purely anecdotal and often incorrect information on the Abyssal plane, the book also recorded several places where these terrible cysts were believed to have been created. No copies of the book can be found in or around Waterdeep. Otar now calls upon you to find a copy of the book. As always, discretion is advised.

Morgan has the option to lead this mission or he can pass the mission on to another.

Black Out the Sun

The Holy Day of Black Out the Sun is tomorrow. To most others this day is is the summer solstice. Black Out the Sun is the day where adherents to Nerull spend the entire solstice spilling sacrificial blood on an effigy of the sun. Thus blacking-out the sun with blood.

You have been commanded to gather as many people alive for sacrifice the next day. You start your efforts after sun down the day before. You must return before midnight. You only have open opportunity to go out and come back.

Please detail your plans below.


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